About Hieda Natasha

Hieda Natasha Monarch was established in 2014 by Hieda Natasha, founder, and CEO of the company.

The journey started during her days as a full-time flight attendant, where Hieda only catered to do personal shopping for selected customers and friends. However, with her excellent services and since then, the business begins to expand. The idea is to aim by helping the customer to shop around the world without being physically present at a particular destination or boutiques hassle-free and cost savings.

Moreover, Hieda Natasha is the Kickstarter of the personal shopper industry and does live shopping around the globe. Currently rising among Malaysians and Hieda Natasha aim to be known as one of the best in providing services to the Southeast Asia region.

In addition to that, Hieda Natasha Monarch's services are committed to bringing only authentic items or products for the customers and money-back guaranteed.